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Monetize your Brand.
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What is Juniper?

Juniper provides free end-to-end support in creating an online store for your YouTube channel. We also track subs, likes, comments, and shares by your fans, awarding them points redeemable for custom rewards, like merch discounts, exclusive content, or shoutouts.

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Increase subscribers +
Monetize with merch

Juniper streamlines giveaways to boost subscribers. Launch your own merch store on Juniper within days, exposing your biggest fans to beautiful, high-quality products.


Engage with creators +
Redeem "loyalty points"

Gain access to exclusive giveaways from your subscriptions. "Loyalty points", accumulated through content engagement, can be redeemed for rewards unique to the channel.

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Let's build you a merch store!

Get in touch with us and we can discuss setting up a store for you as soon as possible!

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