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Custom merchandise for YouTube creators

Juniper is a loyalty platform that produces custom merchandise and rewards for YouTube creators and their audiences.

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Build your own brand

Juniper provides free, end-to-end support in designing merchandise and hosting an online store for your YouTube channel.

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Design your own artwork, or work with our own in-house designers to create your unique look.

Juniper custom shirt Juniper custom mouse pad Juniper custom mug


Choose from our large selection of products to feature your custom artwork.

Juniper merch sell


Promote your store and receive your sales profits through monthly direct deposits.

Reward your fan base

Juniper tracks subs, likes, comments, and shares by your fans, awarding them points redeemable for merch discounts, exclusive content, shoutouts, and more!

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Offer exclusive, high-quality products to your growing YouTube audience.


Allow your fans to collect loyalty points for engaging with your videos.

Contests + Rewards

Give back to your biggest fans by offering them personalized rewards.

Join a vibrant community

Juniper is already an exciting community of YouTubers creating customized merchandise and rewarding their fans.

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Grow and engage your audience

Juniper encourages viewers to further engage with YouTube content and helps creators reach a larger audience.

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Juniper grow subscribers 33%

Subscriber Growth

Creators have experienced up to 33% increase in subscriber growth when hosting a contest on Juniper.

Juniper grow subscribers 80%

Viewer Engagement

Likes, comments and shares on videos have increased up to 80% when hosting a contest on Juniper.

Juniper grow subscribers 30%

Merchandise Sales

Creators have reported a 30% increase in sales when integrating customized merchandise through Juniper.

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